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Corporate Services

Corporate massage is an increasingly popular workplace wellbeing initiative for employee wellbeing. It’s numerous benefits help to create a happy, healthy and harmonious workforce


A relaxing method of managing and preventing back, neck and shoulder pain associated with the offive environment. 


Techniques are used to reduce localised muscle tension (e.g. knots) stretch muscle fibres and encourage healing by improving blood flow to problem areas. Your therapist may also give advice , stretches and exercises to help with injury rehabilitation and prevention. It's not necessarily for sporty people who benefit the most, as office worked with back, neck and shoulder pain can achieve the most consistent results from regular sports massage treatments.

Equipment Required:

Your sports massage therapist will provide a massage couch, towels and oils.

Room Required:

For sports massage in the office a private room is required. It is also essential that the room is warm. The couch is approximately 6 foot long and additional space is required to allow the therapist to move around comfortably. 

Recommended Treatment Lengths:


A sports massage requires a minimum 20 minutes up to 60 minutes. It is advised that clients complete an initial assessment form before attending their appointment. These will be send to the office 7-10days before the appointment date.







If you are interested in our corporate massage services, please feel free to get in contact with your specific requirements. 


12 Employees

3 Hours

1 Therapist

12 x 15 minute sessions




25 Employees

8 Hours

1 Therapist

25 x 15 minute sessions




Please contact for quote:  

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