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Sports Massage & Therapy Services in Warwick & Leamington Spa

What is Sports massage?


Sports massage is for everyone not just for sports people. Anyone who builds up tension and stress in their muscles by repetitive activities including sitting for long periods in front of a computer screen or driving a car will benefit from sports massage and stretches.


Sports massages work deeply into the tissues, assisting the release of tension and preventing further disruption of muscle tissue and fascia and potential injury to muscles and associated joints.

Sports massage is also key to resolving injuries such as sprains, strains and tears assisting a more complete recovery and restoring better function to affected areas.

What happens during a Sports massage appointment? 

Your sports massage therapists will use a variety of different techniques to achieve the desired goal. Your therapist might use Swedish massage to stimulate circulation of blood and lymph fluids, and trigger point therapy to break down adhesions (knots in the muscles), and stretching to increase the range of motion. 


Other techniques could include myofascial release, cupping or dry needling. If required the therapist may also include cryotherapy or thermotherapy, which can help with recovery, repair and the healing process.

In summary:


Sports massage benefits the bod physically, physiologically and psychologically by: 


•    Improve circulation and lymphatic flow
•    Removing metabolic waste which improves micro circulation
•    Releasing muscle tension
•    Improving muscle performance
•    Improving muscle elasticity
•    Reducing scar tissue
•    Improving mobility and flexibility
•    Enhancing the feeling of wellness
•    Enhancing daily and sports performance
•    Extending sports careers

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