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Sports Teams

If you’re organising a sports event, pre and post sports massage is a must. 


Prepares participants and enhances their performance, reducing the risk of injury


Techniques are used to reduce localised muscle tension (e.g. knots) stretch muscle fibres and encourage healing by improving blood flow to problem areas. Your therapist may also give advice , stretches and exercises to help with injury rehabilitation and prevention. Sports massage can help to release tension and pain from muscles and joints, enhance performance and help speed up recovery after exercise.

Equipment Required:

Your sports massage therapist will provide a massage couch, towels and oils.

Room Required:

Our sports massage therapists bring mobile massage couches and are happy to work inside or outside. We often work under tarpaulin tents and are very adaptable.

Recommended Treatment Lengths:


A sports massage requires a minimum 20 minutes up to 60 minutes.



If you are interested in our sports team massage services, please feel free to get in contact with your specific requirements. 

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