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Sports Massage & Therapy Services in Warwick & Leamington Spa

What is Sports therapy?


If you have sustained a sports injury of any kind, you may have been recommended sports therapy in order to treat the issue.

Sports therapy is tailored to rehabilitation; exactly what it entails depends upon the nature of your injury. Whether you are suffering from strains, muscular issues, aches or pains, many of our patients see an improvement very soon after the first session.

Our sports therapists use their vast knowledge of both physiological and pathological processes to provide you with the right support and to speed up your journey to recovery.

What happens during my appointment? 

When you book a sports therapy session with us, your therapist will consult you regarding your training techniques and your injury. Depending on your injury your appointment  may include:

– Sports Massage
– Dry Cupping 

- Dry Needling

- Rock Blading 

– Electrotherapy

- Spinal Manipulation

– Professional advice and guidance

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